How to Become a School Psychologist

School psychologist. These psychologists work towards promoting academic, emotional and behavioral accomplishments. Besides being a fulfilling career option for those interested in the field of education, the job market is also quite strong for school psychologists. These professionals are specially trained to address a wide range of issues concerning students. While working as school psychologists, candidates are not necessary required to teach students. They use the skills to evaluate students' psychology so as to promote the latter's academic and learning capabilities.

Job Description

Professionals trained in school psychology can either work with students individually or in groups. They also work in close contact with the school personnel and parents. While working at schools, professionals provide training to school teachers in areas like behavioral management, referral processes, ADHD etc. Being highly skilled in special education, these psychologists also provide interventions (both individual and group) and counseling. One major job responsibility of these professionals is to assess and evaluate the special education eligibility process. In addition, they examine the effectiveness of academic programs, treatment interventions and classroom agendas among others.

Naturally, a school psychologist works in elementary, secondary or high school helping students to solve learning, behavioral and personal problems. Let's be more specific about school psychologist's duties:

  • Meeting with parents and teachers in order to discuss the most common problems that
    School psychologist
    students face.
  • Finding ways to help students deal with their daily problems.
  • Researching and implementing brand-new educational programs.
  • epresenting new behavioral management techniques and introducing them to parents and teachers
  • Parents' counseling
  • Providing disciplinary advice on how to deal with problematic students.
  • Dealing with problematic students

How to Become a School Psychologist

Well, you can see that the job of school psychologist is really challenging! Therefore, it requires extensive training and strong knowledge. If you want to enter this field and become a school psychologist, consider the following requirements:

Apply for a Graduate Program. To become a school psychologist you have to get a graduate degree. It's not hard to find a psychology school offering graduate program. However, it's a quite challenging task to make a final decision, because the options are multiple. So be careful and attentive when looking for a suitable program. You can pursue Masters or Doctoral degree in either traditional or online school. Choose whatever works best for you.

Get on the Prerequisite Courses. Before entering psychology graduate school you will be required to take some prerequisite courses. In addition to this, you may be required to take the GRE and have Bachelor's degree in school psychology.

Do a Course Work. Well, it's clear that for becoming a school psychologist you'll have to do a course work through the college years. It should be done in due diligence to certify your professional skills and profound knowledge of school psychology. When you successfully complete your graduate program, move forward to getting a license! Remember that you must have minimum 60 completed graduate hours to be eligible for state licensing.

Undergo the Internship. Internship is the essential part of your education. It will give you a priceless experience important for every school psychologist. This is a great chance for you to apply your skills and knowledge in practice and figure out what you need to brush up on. Besides, you'll have a great chance to learn new things essential for your future profession as school psychologist. 

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