Criminal Psychologist Salary

Criminal Psychologist Salary. Criminal psychologists, also known as forensic psychologists work in close contact with suspects and criminals. These professionals are often called “profilers” for a variety of criminal investigations. Their work is also related to evaluating the behavior of accused criminals for confirming or denying their pledged insanity.

These professionals are highly skilled in studying and observing criminal minds, thoughts and behavior. They gather unbiased information regarding individuals to assist professionals involved in other inspective areas such as forensics and criminal investigators. 

These professionals use a combination of psychiatry skills and their knowledge of the law in order to help judicial or law enforcement understand the mind of a convicted or alleged criminal. 

Criminal Psychologists are responsible for gathering psychological data from observations they complete from a variety of subjects and clients. They may also be aware of laws regarding criminal behavior and mental health initiatives in order to keep up to date with changes in legislation. 

Criminal Psychologists often work independently and may be hired by a third party to assess a convicted or alleged criminal in order to gather impartial data about an individual. After gathering this information, Criminal Psychologists will provide expert witness testimony, write psychological reports and confer with court officials. They may also help a court determine whether an individuals is capable of standing trial and testify in court to give expert testimony and evidence. 

Criminal Psychologist Salary

Criminal psychologists are skilled professionals who closely study the behavior and thoughts of criminals. It is the duty of criminal psychologists to try and figure out what criminals are thinking and what motivates them to commit a murder. Throughout the past several years, people have become increasingly more interested in the job of criminal psychologist, mainly due to forensic-related TV series. On a different note, criminal psychologists are closely related to the field of forensics and, as Payscale states, their average yearly salary can vary anywhere between $34,000 and $103,000, depending on their experience and level of expertise.

Pay Scale In Different Areas Of The United States of America

As it happens in virtually any other field of work, criminal psychologists are paid differently across the United States. For instance, the median yearly salary of such a psychologist in the state of Auckland is of around $62,000 a year, while those from Alabama can earn as much as $77,000 or $80,000. 

The average yearly sate of a criminal psychologist who lives and works in the state of Arkansas is of around $47,000, while the highest paying state in the United States of America is, by far, California. Criminal psychologists who work in California receive the highest mean yearly wage, of up to $119,000 or even more. However, professionals who work here should expect to get around $90,000 to start with.

Many who are pursuing a career in criminal psychology will initially earn a
bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once they have fulfilled these degree requirements, many will then go on to complete their master’s degree in psychology. Some criminal psychologist jobs are open to those who have fulfilled these degree requirements. However, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook criminal psychologist job openings are more plentiful for those who have earned a doctorate degree in psychology. The Ph.D., or Doctor of Philosophy degree, is generally more focused on theory and research, while the Psy.D., or Doctor of Psychology, tends to be more practice-oriented.

As there is no specific criminal psychology degree, those who are pursuing this career field should consider doing post-doctoral fellowship training in criminal or forensic psychology. Earning a certification in this type of psychology can mean the obtaining of a certificate in criminal psychology or earning a post-doctoral certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology. Thus our article about criminal psychologist salary, may be useful.

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